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Student Exchange Program

The student exchange program aims to provide an opportunity for students and families to explore and gain a deeper understanding of other cultures through exchange visits, fostering the building of friendships.

Eligibility for Host Family

Residents or workers in the Broomfield area. 
Exercise supervisory and parental responsibility to ensure the student’s well-being. The host family is required to undergo a background check.

Eligibility for Ambassadors

Current residents within the boundaries of the Adams 12 School District or attending school within the limits of Broomfield are eligible. Students must be currently enrolled in grades 9th-12th, attending public, private, charter schools, or being home-schooled. 

Your Next Opportunity

Summer 2024: Host the Students from Ueda, Japan
Summer 2025: Trip to Ueda, Japan
July 28th - August 5th, 2024


Q: What is our commitment as a host family?

A: Welcome a member of the student delegation to your home, providing accommodation and meals. Ensure your guest participates in delegation activities, ranging from local outings to community enrichment programs. Primarily, the goal is to share American culture with your guests.

A: No. The committe will plan the most of the activities and local atractions for weekdays. Host family are encouraged to join these activities. There is a Host Family Day which a student spend a full day with your family.

Q: Do I have to plan the activities for our guest's entire stay?

Q: Do I have to make special meals?

A: We encourage you to serve what you normally make for your family unless your guest has special dietary needs. It's about providing your guest a glimpse of American culture, and that includes the food.

Q: How much money will this cost me?

A: Host families are required to join the Broomfield Sister Cities Organization with an annual fee of $50 for a family. Many events are budget-friendly, and participation in some is optional. Students should bring pocket money for personal expenses.

Q: What do we get for being a host family?

A: Your reward is intrinsic – an opportunity to showcase your beautiful region and country to someone from another culture, gaining self-discovery in the process. Host families often send their children as delegates to Ueda the following year.

Q: How long do students stay?

A: Approximately 7 days from the end of July to the beginning of August.

Q: What to expect on the trip?

A: In Ueda, participants will experience homestays to learn about Japanese family life, visit Japan's treasured temples and gardens, meet with the Ueda Mayor, engage in cultural exchange with high school students, and attend the summer festival. In Tokyo, the program includes visits to ultramodern and high-tech parts of the city, as well as exploring its rich cultural past.

I want to host students!

I want to go to Japan!

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Q: Do I have to learn Japanese before I go?

A: Yes, it is highly recommended. While many Ueda committee members and some host families speak English, learning the language will enhance the building of friendships and understanding of the culture.

Q: How long is the trip?

A: Approximately a total of 10 days, with 7 days in Ueda and 3 days in Tokyo.

Q: How many ambassadors are chosen for each trip?

A: Approximately a total of 15 ambassadors, with 9~11 students and 3~4 chaperons.

Q: What is the process to become ambassadors?

A: Attend the general information meeting, submit the application, meet with the student exchange committee for interviews. Once selected, all ambassadors are required to attend various training sessions before departure.

"This experience and the connections made with my host family and everyone in Japan, as well as my fellow ambassadors, will never be forgotten."

Alton - 2023 exchange student

"It's a very different type of beauty and there is so much culture that mixes in Tokyo"

Owen - 2023 exchange student

"Whether it was shedding my own cultural taboos by getting in onsens, or visiting ancient shrines and temples, I was thrilled to get to immerse myself in traditional Japanese culture."

Brandon - 2023 exchange student

"It was truly life-changing. The moment I arrived in Ueda, I was welcomed with open arms by my host family, who made me feel like a member of their own."

Daisuke - 2023 exchange student

Broomfield Sister Cities Organization is a registered 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. 

Please click here to see our BYLAWS, and tax ID documents. 

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